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Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the location of our Zimbabwe Headquarters.

GiveTrip began as an outreach idea of Gracy Travel International Inc. (EST. 1984).

Gracy Travel has flown thousands of people to destinations all over Africa for over 30 years and among some of the top sportsman, photographers and business leaders Gracy is their go to organization when they want to get themselves and their gear to Africa. You are in experienced hands with GiveTrip.


The Zambezi River near Victoria Falls

Why Zimbabwe?











  • Zimbabwe is the size of Montana and has 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • It possesses some of the richest and most undiscovered cultural treasures in the world.

  • In Hwange Park you have one of the largest elephant herds in Africa and it is in danger of a massive crisis.


By participating in a GiveTrip you are helping us help the people of Zimbabwe to protect this beautiful area of the world.

Tourism, field schools & educational adventure camps can save our wild areas and cultural resources & the majority of the camps revenue stays & circulates in the country and around the projects. 


GiveTrip is a travel model designed to insure the bulk of the money is injected into the community surrounding the wild areas where we operate.

It is our goal to raise the bar for all tour operators and the roll they play in saving our wild areas and world cultural treasures.

Theodore Roosevelt said…. “The fundamental rule in life – the rule which underlies all others – is that on the whole and in the long run, we shall go up or down together… each man must remember that he is indeed his brother’s keeper; and that while no man who refuses to walk can be carried with advantage to himself or anyone else, yet each at times stumbles or halts and each at times needs to have a helping hand outstretched to him. To be permanently effective, aid must always take the form of helping a man to help himself; and we can all best help ourselves by joining together in the work that is of common interest to all.”

GiveTrip is a big fan of Teddy Roosevelt, his ideas of adventure, conservation and the importance of keeping the integrity of our wild places.

GiveTrip believes, like Roosevelt believed, in the power of the great outdoors and its ability to change lives, change perspectives and to inspire.

GiveTrip believes that all charitable organizations should create their own revenue when possible

The primary mission of GiveTrip is to insure that the majority of dollars spent on a GiveTrip ADVENTURE stays in the communities that our GiveTrippers enjoyed.


The beneficiaries of these profits range from; the wildlife, schools, clinics, small villages the drivers, the guides etc. 


Plus helping to discover & protect the cultural resources!

Along with injecting these communities with tourism dollars.

The Matopos Rhino Initiative discussed in the video below.. was intitiated by GiveTrip 

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