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The Limpopo Area

Limpopo is remote, wild, rugged & beautiful.  You will be hosted by Nottingham Estates which is a huge orange plantation that employs thousands of people during the picking season and hundreds year around. The orchard and area where you will be staying is near the Limpopo River. The term Limpopo is the modified version of the original Sepedi name diphororo tša meetse, meaning gushing strong waterfalls. The first European to sight the river was Vasco da Gama, who anchored off its mouth in 1498 and named it Espiritu Santo River. The landscape south of the Limpopo River is flat Mopane veld with sandstone and conglomerate ridges and koppies. Nearer the Limpopo, the flat landscape changes into rugged, hilly terrain. The altitude varies from 300 to 780 m above sea level.


Cultural importance


The cultural resources of the Limpopo-Shashe area are generally associated with Iron Age settlements of around 1200 AD.

Mapungubwe is renowned for the golden rhino and is believed to be the precursor of Great Zimbabwe, the most remarkable Iron Age site in southern Africa. The Mapungubwe landscape was proclaimed a World Heritage Site in July 2003. Several sites are also situated on Sentinel Ranch and Mapela Hill in Zimbabwe.

Additional features of cultural importance in the Limpopo valley are the numerous San rock paintings and engravings (petroglyphs), fossilised dinosaur bones and skeletal remains of the dinosaur Massospondylus carinatus that became extinct approximately 65 million years ago.

Shashe Project

Nottingham Estates has teamed up with NGO's that paid for irrigation and help the community to use what GiveTrip believes is the best method to help people... "Give a man a fish you feed him today. Teach a man to fish and you feed him until the fish run out. Teach a man to breed fish, to build a business and he will sustain a community for life."


This is exactly what the project is about. Nottingham is teaching the local people how to grow citrus & other crops for themselves and the market and guarantees buying their small crops or excess. The eat first and make money with the rest...Brilliant!  It is a fascinating project and is working way better than than just "giving them a fish".  The project is a perfect example of helping communities to help themselves which goes perfectly with the GiveTrip philosophy and why we enjoy working with Nottingham.  Our words can't do the project justice, it is simply amazing.

The Dry Limpopo River on Planet Zimbabwe

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